Virosuppress Masks (Package of 5 masks)

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Package of 5 masks of the same color

Flexible nose strip

Washable and reusable

After 50 times of washing, the tested products still have a killing rate of over 99% against viruses

Virosuppress Fabric is designed to reduce virus contamination

Safe and non-toxic, it helps protecting people's health

Virosuppress fabric have a silver ions finish

As an inorganic, natural mineral, the element of silver has a widely recognized antimicrobial function




100% Virosuppress Cotton

Outer layer: Virosuppress Cotton fabric

Interior layer: Super Soft cotton fabric



1. Positively charged silver ions and negatively charged microbe cells are attracted to each other upon contact.

2. Silver ions pierce through the external surfaces of the cells and damage their DNA, as well as the protein structure, halting their metabolism and reproduction until they die. This explains the sterilization effect of silver ions.

3. After the cells have become inactive, silver ions continue to act against microbes, delivering a constant antimicrobial performance with no toxicity or side effects.



Wash before wearing

Gentle hand-wash separately everyday

Soak in warm water with gentle detergent for 30min

Then gentle wash and hanging dry



Design in Canada
Made in China

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